Domori was the first company to create a cocoa tasting code to establish standards of excellence, create a fully-fledged cocoa culture and contribute to spreading that culture among not only connoisseurs and chocolate lovers but also a wider audience. This project reasserts Domori’s mission to select the finest, most delicate and rarest cocoa for its products.

Scrupulous selection, the finest ingredients and a balanced flavour inspired the design for this chocolate range. With a fresh, clean, geometric style, the new visual identity ideally conveys Domori’s “cocoa science”, i.e. that perfect blend of aromatic quality, roundness, purity and flavour persistence that is the firm’s distinguishing characteristic.

The golden square that is part of Domori’s logo was made the central element on the pack, the heart of the product, both visually and metaphorically. A series of geometric lines radiate from the square, with differing closeness and prominence according to the chocolate bar’s sensory intensity. As the percentage of Criollo cocoa increases, the lines become more prominent, clearly defined and elegant, ultimately featuring bold golden lines for the 100%, the highest expression of the brand’s value and expertise.

The project won the Brand Identity Gran Prix in the Best Chocolate Packaging category.

"Brand stories and cocoa culture"