Fabbri 1905

The iconic Amarena Fabbri returns to surprise its fans and launches “Zenzero Fabbri”. This is not an extension of the range, but a “new generation” product, promoting the brand to new consumers. A new recipe with the same “contrasting” characteristics as “Amarena”, but capable of interpreting and intercepting the tastes of new “gourmet” palates.

Zenzero Fabbri draws inspiration from the famous and iconic Faenza vase and reinterprets and enriches the motif by telling the story of the new recipe in a contemporary key, while remaining perfectly consistent with the “family style”.


In order to ensure consistency and a sense of family among the three proposals, the identity of “Fragola Fabbri” has also been revisited, capitalizing on the iconicity of a gestalt and a language that are absolutely unique and recognizable, and creating an effective synergy between all Fabbri products.

"3 icons.
One unique family"