Fiat and Chrysler. Two corporations with different origins, cultures and experiences come together to create a new global industrial group. The result is FCA, with a unique identity that expresses a new corporate culture.

Three key words encompass the spirit of the new corporation: FEEL, CREATE, ACT. The new FCA is attentive to others, to multiplicity, to becoming (FEEL). This feeling allows it to imagine building a future (CREATE) that it can achieve through the competence and solidity that distinguish it (ACT).

The use of the acronym loosens ties with the past without pulling up roots, and at the same time sanctions a global approach. In the trademark, the three letters have a geometric look based on essential forms: the square symbolizing concreteness and solidity; the circle as an archetype of the wheel and of movement and continuity; the triangle for energy and evolutionary tension.

"An agile and modern house style, capable of continuous change without ever losing the value of its identity."