Fratelli Carli

Fratelli Carli is a well-known Italian company, started in 1911 as a producer of extremely high quality olive oil. Its dedication to the local area and food culture encouraged the company to gradually expand its range, adding a greater variety of products all made with the same care and attention to ingredients and production processes that distinguish its oils. The expanded product range, the company’s development plans, and the need to innovate its dialog with the market brought the Company to valorize its offer through the brand.

The objectives of the project were to emphasize the company history and family tradition as a guarantee of quality; to create a connection between oil – the leading product known to the public – and other products in the range (foods, vinegars, and wines) that are less intuitively tied to the brand; and to create a brand that is expression of a Mediterranean lifestyle.
The first step was the passage from Carli to Fratelli Carli (Carli Brothers): a choice that aimed to emphasize the history and tradition of the family as a guarantee of outstanding quality. The new brand/logo became a central element used consistently on all products. The family name acquired prominence, also to capitalize on the strong recognition factor obtained through its oil.

The new bottle is a tribute to the iconic product that made the company’s history and success. Although renewed, it retains its familiarity; the classic shape with a round base gives way to a more proprietary quadrangular plant, which does not lose its softness but gains momentum and elegance. At the top a ring gathers the neck of the bottle, making the connection with the body of the bottle softer. At the base, a frieze in relief on the glass embeds the brand “Fratelli Carli” and embellishes the image making it suitable for staying on a table set with care.

A special language was defined for each product category (pasta, wines, vinegars, foods) that emphasized specific traits without losing sight of the objective of a strongly coordinated global image.

Emporio Carli represents the last piece rounding off a broad and articulated repositioning plan. The traditional distribution model of the company (”direct to your home”) had until now resulted in the absence of a physical space in which the goods could “live”. The Emporio (Emporium) has been created with the aim of supplying the brand with its own space in which to express itself and offers the public the possibility of exploring the production context. With this in mind, in defining the new guiding concept, a factor of prime importance has been ensuring that the location’s originality is not betrayed, to stress the company’s image as “real producer” and to remain firmly established within the dimension of the territory. The Emporio resembles neither a shop nor a supermarket, both of which the company has always chosen to avoid and is designed in line with a multi-functional logic of exploration, discovery and education.

"The Talent of skilled Mediterranean tradition"