Fratelli Rossetti

Fratelli Rossetti has always been a prestigious symbol of Italian quality and style. In a radically changing footwear market, the Company started a radical rethinking of the brand and its market positioning aimed to strengthen the brand image.

The original classicism and the male-focused product range – at the beginning considered as a limit in the hyper-femininity of the mainstream market -became the real point of difference; a different kind of charm, special and ineffable, a “certain natural elegance” with great character connected with the finest traditions of Lombard manufacturing and its taste for refined understatement.


A new Brand alphabet was designed on the basis of that positioning: logo, texture, colours, photographic style. The processed developed from the company’s invaluable legacy, to which leading figures in the history of international design, like Massimo Vignelli, have contributed.

Rossetti ONE brand for the new footwear line from Fratelli Rossetti, aimed at consumers with an urban lifestyle: a young, dynamic target, seduced by a luxury never taken for granted, that required high performance and features of innovation, quality, design, style, and speed.  The brand identifies a sporty-chic collection, in which the founding values of the mother -brand are intelligently combined with the new cosmopolitan component. Universally understood, One evokes the idea of perfection and lightness, uniqueness and quality.

In the logo, this translates into a visual break that communicates movement and dynamism. The “N” gives life to two equal and opposite number “1s”, the double play. This is the Rossetti ONE soul expressed by an unpredictable image, fresh, appealing, and surprising.

"A certain natural elegance"