Gancia Americano

Taking advantage of the renewed trend of “old school” cocktails, Gancia is relaunching one of the stable’s noble forerunners, the “Americano”. The project aims to testore the iconicness of a “mythic” 1960s and 1970s product, updating it and increasing its perceived value.

The glass-shape of the bottle has been completely redesigned, inspired by the original 1960s silhouette , slimming it down and “digging” the white circle that characterised the label, a highly recognisable and striking element, into the glass. The “Gancia” name is isolated to give it a more central role, raised up in the middle. The label is embellished with symbols that relate to the product’s formula and the qualitative and historical characteristics of the “aperitivo”.

"A great return of a timeless icon"