Gancia intends to launch into a period of renewal, focusing strongly on global exports of its most representative product: vermouth. Going against the trend of other players that want to free themselves of the vermouth imagery, Gancia, on the other hand, intends to relaunch this product with its original, excellent recipe. It is proud to declare itself as the original creator of Bianco.

A wholly proprietary bottle is designed with the characteristic rectangular base. The real star, however, is the label, which simulates a screen-print on the glass, creating a modern “no label” effect. The label features vine leaves and grape clusters to emphasise its high-quality production process in accordance with the original Gancia recipe. An identity in complete contrast with the minimalist style typical of the category. Strong and distinctive: its stature asserts a new-found feeling of pride that is ready to reclaim its leadership of the domestic and international markets.

"The proud father of the original Bianco"