Giovanni Rana

Rana, one of Italy’s “ambassadors of excellence” in the world, is a leader on the domestic market, with a strong presence on European markets and rapid growth abroad. Considering the many lines offered and different brand identity in each country, the company decided to refocus its brand promise and synergistically apply it to the entire range and business, using an approach aimed at valorizing its distinctive talent.

The project is a wide-ranging modernization plan that is based on four main assets: redefinition of the group logo, for greater presence and consistency throughout the line; the iconization of Giovanni Rana as the guarantor of quality and tradition; the planning of a clear product structure that makes it easier for consumers to navigate between the lines; a strengthening of the “family feeling” among all products in the range and, at the same time, highlighting the uniqueness of each product.

Always a successful driver of the advertising, Giovanni Rana was the first entrepreneur to be used as a testimonial for his product. His story is true and no other competitor can imitate it. Giovanni is a family man. He’s likeable, and this attracts and reassures consumers. In the crowded context of mass distribution, he has everything necessary to become a strong brand icon that makes an impact and is memorable, unforgettable and unique. His icon on the packaging also offers extraordinary potential: to describe different product lines with personality and flexibility.

Brand restyling transfers on a visual level all the empathy, passion, and experience that characterize the company and were not sufficiently interpreted by the previous image, which was too industrial. Development of a single corporate logo aims to provide more status and expressiveness, serving as a sign of quality for the entire range, but also for use on all institutional “occasions”.

The Branding project was the starting point for the retail project of the restaurant Giovanni Rana, from London to New York. Space is designed to express the essence of the brand as it is directly interpreted by its founder. The multiple talents of Giovanni Rana – master pasta maker, entertainer, creative chef, and able connoisseur of ingredients and basic foodstuffs – are reflected directly in the look and feel of the restaurant.

The interior design, displays, and communication elements (logo, menu, uniforms, signage…) all contribute to highlighting the underlying values of the brand: a passion for basic foodstuffs; the habit of fine eating; good mood and entertainment; and, last but not least, the defence and proud exaltation of good cooking and the authentic Italian tradition of the table.

"A new brand architecture: from product driven to brand driven"