Castello Monaci

A long corridor separates this estate’s large cellar into two almost symmetrical parts. Well-ordered, interwoven vines crisscross the landscape with geometric precision, awash with sunlight from the south. Castello Monaci is a large estate located in the heart of the Salento countryside, infused with the history of the place and its long tradition in grape growing and winemaking. The winery’s new image aims at celebrating this rich history and its ties to the land are its greatest fundamental feature.Geometry, order, and territory are expressed by the new brand. A clean, linear, elegant “M” crossed halfway by a vertical line that recalls the “corridor” that leads to the castle.

Furthermore, in the process of valorising native vines, Castello Monaci launches a Verdeca, a wine particularly fresh and savory. The name and identity capture and enhance its nature. Petraluce talks about the poetic synthesis between the Lecce’s stone, white and soft, and the light that enlight these beautiful lands.

Order is also expressed across the entire line of wines with a new segmentation of the offer that distinguishes between the classics and high-end products, further embellished by elements that recall the civilization of the Greeks who colonized this territory.

"The path to excellence"