Granarolo is a company with a special Italianness that we defined “agricultural”. More than 700 partner-farmers, present in 12 Italian regions, with 70,000 cows and a supply chain guaranteed by over 400,000 checks every year at each stage of production. That is the foundational element of the branding project created for the range of fresh and ultra-pasteurised milk.

The illustration is the heart of this project: an agricultural Italy, from north to south, the Italian milk supply chain made up of hundreds of excellent small producers, the largest in terms of being spread out across the territory. An illustration-manifesto that immediately and directly tells consumers: “We are Granarolo, the largest Italian milk supply chain.” A foundational project for the brand, a strategy to reinvigorate the positioning of the brand aimed at turning a new page in Granarolo’s story.

"The biggest milk supply chain in Italy"