A big international group, leader in the processing of corn and the production of quality ingredients, and a highly innovative proposal for the food market. Robilant Associati accompanied Gruma in the process of defining its identity and launching a brand-new range of highly innovative products with outstanding creative potential, designed for chefs and food industry professionals. A range of legume flours and different mixes with surprising nutritional properties and multiple applications, the ideal base for a variety of products and preparations.




The clarity and descriptiveness of the name “Corn & Pulses” – fundamental in the case of a new product – are balanced by the emotionality of a colourful and captivating visual, which fully expresses the ease and flexibility of use, the potential for application and the very strong creative component of these bases. The vivacity and verve of the new visual language, interpreted across the various communication tools, help to convey even very important information, such as the nutritional characteristics of these ingredients, with lightness and immediacy.

The visual identity takes shape and three-dimensionality, not only in the product packaging but, above all in the booth created for presentation at international trade fairs. Inspired by the architectural design of the Mill, the booth incorporates its most characteristic features. Pipes and bags become narrative devices to tell the story of product innovation. The visuals become a physical installation on the table in the centre of the space, also presented in a dynamic loop on the screen showing the different product combinations. A project that adds new impetus to an ingredient at high risk of commoditisation, making the most of its uniqueness and innovation thanks to a proprietary, creative and memorable stylistic trade fairs

"A new palette of ingredients, for artists and creatives in the food industry"