Heineken Università della Birra

Università della Birra is an innovative pole for Heineken’s clients and partners. Its interior design is a result of an educational pursuit where the beer experience is at the core of everything. The unique location is able to host not only beer culture and history but also business capabilities and management in a series of interconnected spaces where storytelling helps throughout the learning process.

The project is based in an industrial building where students can learn in different spaces and setups about beer culture. Classroom designs recall former industrial heritage within a beer branded atmosphere. The educational space is composed of classrooms, ingredients room, draft lab, workshop area, tasting room, conference room and bar. There are other leisure areas such as an exterior beer garden, breakroom and reception in order to complete the student offer.

The use of tiling and wood is the result of a balance between the industrial yet handcrafted spirit of beer making. By recuperating beer related elements we were able to imprint the space with a unique character. The beer keg wall, copper pipe hangers and copper still at reception constitute a clear example of this. Experience and the use of advanced technologies are an integral part of the Università della Birra educational system. For this reason the use of technological elements was introduced in a constitutive way, without disturbing the vintage and warm atmosphere.

The design environment allows space to explore beer in 360 degrees, from ingredients to production and from taste to selling techniques. This project has a new approach towards education, setting the environment in which the product is celebrated and the student can learn from direct and indirect experience: a new educational formula.

"A school where experience sets the educational standards."