Birra Ichnusa

Birra Ichnusa restyles its brand visual identity to make it even more distinctive and striking within the contemporary beer market, where visual codes have rapidly evolved over recent years.

The typically and authentically Sardinian character of Birra Ichnusa was the focal point of the redesign strategy. The project started with an in-depth study of storytelling in contemporary Sardinia, plus the iconographic heritage of Birra Ichnusa, to express an identity that has played a part in evolving history without losing its cultural roots.

The design concentrates on just a few strong elements, freeing them of frills and ornamentation, stripping them down to the most essential, natural marks and exponentially strengthening their iconic power. The 4 Moors of the Sardinian flag thus come together to describe a product with a Sardinian soul.

"The mark of tradition with an international look"