Iginio Massari

The story of high-end patisserie is often told with a minimalist image. But patisserie is, by definition, “maximalist”. Someone who offers you something sweet is giving you a moment of affectionate gratification. Sweet food goes beyond nutrition. It is a gift conceived with the expertise of the chef: formal perfection. But also colours, fragrances, the tantalisation of the senses: a celebration for the eyes and the palate. This is the foundation of the Branding and Packaging Design project for Iginio Massari Alta Pasticceria.


The new Brand Identity is that of patisserie d’auteur characterised by the idea of celebration, pleasure and the luxury of self-gratification. Colours and forms are an abstract of a temptingly, multicoloured display cabinet.

The cornerstone of the project was to keep the idea of “patisserie as a party” in all the products that leave the shop, including bags: it is as if the customer is leaving a party, rather than a high fashion shop.



Another key point of the project was to keep the brand separate from the creator’s signature, creating three different levels of brand decoding. The institutional level “Iginio Massari Alta Pasticceria; the contextual level “Galleria Massari” which characterises the shops, and, last but not least, the creator’s signature, which also appears on the small, square, white plates on which the single-portions are served, creating the effect of an artist’s painting.

The interior design of the Gallerie Iginio Massari represents the spatial application of the brand concept. A bright, elegant store based on three fundamental assets: openness to the outside, celebration of the product in all its phases (from the kitchen to the display counters) and the brand language translated into spatial terms.

The brand texture is enlarged to become light, almost ethereal graphics, but on the other hand, it becomes a tangible, three-dimensional element characterising the staircase and connecting the ground floor, dedicated to sales and quick consumption, to the first floor, designed for a slower, more celebratory food experience.

"Bye bye minimalism.
Hello taste and colour"