Ambassador of the art and science of coffee in the world, Illy is one of the great symbols of Made in Italy. The long-term collaboration with the company has given rise to a series of projects: from the rebranding of core products, to brand extension and the launch of new products / technologies and accessories.

In redefining the basic range’s identity, a very distinctive sign was introduced: an artist’s brushstroke created exclusively for Illy. The brushstroke is reproduced in different colours to make it easy to distinguish between the various preparation types and roasts. The new canister stands out for its capacity to provide lots of information within the frame of a simple, easy reading experience which helps consumers to find quickly what they’re looking for. For the first time, the canister showcases the whole product range. Thus, consumers can see all the various kinds of illy coffee and choose which they prefer. The new system establishes the right balance between visual consistency across the range and the individual character of each product. Thoroughly consistent with brand positioning, the brushstroke is a high-impact sign which clearly conveys the brand’s spirit and emphasises its personality and iconic status.

Metodo Iperespresso

Illy Metodo Iperespresso’innovation is contained in the special capsule.  The trademark is a stylized flower from the Arabica coffee used to make the prized Illy blend, a beautiful, refined symbol expressing the rare, precious character of the raw material. Characterization of the product is therefore delegated to two elements, name and trademark, absorbed into the already tested, well-know Illy image system, a guarantee of excellence and quality. The silver can is distinguished by a red lid with colour and shape that recall the form of the capsule, in a softer,  more tapered profile than the traditional capsule, to evoke this espresso’s balanced, full-bodied flavour.


As a connoisseur of the finest Arabica coffees from around the world, illy wished to launch a new product range to introduce consumers to some of the most exclusive varieties. Monoarabica is consistent with illy’s brand architecture. It clearly, effectively displays its specific and particular character. The upper part of the iconic illy canister is given over to the trademark, a reliable guarantee of quality. The middle part concentrates on the specific product. The global map which serves as a background to the product name testifies to illy’s custom of searching throughout the world for the best quality for its consumers. The canister’s lower band describes the product’s origin in great detail with lots of information about the content’s sensorial characteristics and region of origin.


Illyquore is the new product from the house of illy, created in collaboration with Campari. It comes from a respected brand for Italian coffee-based liqueurs and represents an excellent alternative to other products “Made in Italy,” the most renowned international brands in the alcohol sector dedicated to typically more creative types of consumption. The name “illyquore” was created out of the fusion of “illy” with the term “liquore” (“liqueur”), creating an original word play and the “YQ” letter pair that introduces an element of personality.  The precision of the bottle’s lines is mitigated by the soft, sinuous “S” shaped incision on the glass that evokes the harmonious balance of the illy aroma. The bottle’s coffee-black uniform, aside from protecting the contents from light, communicates the drink’s velvety, satisfying experience, and lends a fascinating touch of mystery. The red evokes the universe of illy values, linking it with notes of taste and passion, while the silver expresses modernity, prestige, and contemporary quality. The image expresses the unmistakable experience of “illyquore,” a feeling that involves all the senses.



issimo is a range of tinned coffee drinks to be drunk cold, the result of a union between illycaffè and The Coca-Cola Company. The restyling defines a strong, highly iconic and clearly recognisable identity which helps in the comprehension of the nature of the product and selection between the six varieties on offer. The new tin creates an immediately recognisable visual system on the shelves that helps the consumer in the comprehension of the nature of the product and to choose between the various flavours, emphasising the perception of intensity and appetite appeal. All the quality and style of illy.

illy Art Collection

The “Illy Art Collection” brand was created to identify the special collection produced each year by Illy in collaboration with international artists. Previously, the collection’s graphic design changed with each edition. This succeeded in transmitting a perception of creative depth; but on the other hand blocked the establishment of the association “Illy-Art.” The first step was the creation of the new brand, “Illy Art Collection,” aimed at giving proper importance to the artistic value of the collection; a visual system was created characterized by a consistent graphic format for the entire collection, with set spaces dedicated from time to time to the artists and their creations, aimed at improving the perception of the Illy communications concept and at the same time emphasizing the theme of the artist.


Not just coffee. Illy has always been an ambassador of a coffee culture composed of experience-enriching rituals. This led to the production of a line of customised accessories that combine functionality with beauty. The purpose of this operation is to make this rich assortment of articles available to the general public and coffee lovers. The espresso cup, coffee spoon or milk jug are highlighted in single or mixed packs that emphasise their iconic status. The use of a contemporary, sophisticated language enriches each item with strong emotive value.


"The art and the science of coffee"