Much more than a nice name. Kissabel is a completely new apple with a truly unique story to tell. A traditional fruit on the outside conceals a sensational red to pink flesh on the inside.

Genuine and inviting. Kissabel is an apple that contains no GMOs, the result of the work of a group of French growers who for twenty years have crossed a type of wild apple with red flesh with more common and traditional varieties of apples. The challenge was to find a name that could be registered worldwide to best describe the established values and positioning.

The logo and consequent house style are a representation of the explosion of nature, in terms of emotions, sensations, and flavors. In fact, the chromatic variety of the “drops” represents the variety of the apples, the flavors, the colors. Essentially, a kaleidoscope.

Kissabel is like a kiss: every bite reawakens desire and a pleasurable feeling of discovery.