La Raia

La Raia is a winemaker in the heart of the Gavi hills that uses biodynamic methods to grow its grapes in complete respect of nature, its natural rhythms and laws. While this winemaker has a traditional approach, it uses contemporary production processes.  The project aims to define a brand promise that draws attention to and conveys to the consumer all the care and thought behind the work of this excellent Piedmont winemaker.

The brand strategy process investigates the characteristics of the winery and its business and it defines a distinctive positioning as a boutique winery with its gracious, affable, rigorous approach that aims to protect the quality of the grape vines and the area. Its brand value profile is defined as “the most gracious interpreter of the land of Gavi.” This positioning, expressed using a contemporary language, attracts consumers through the surprising use of simple yet significant elements such as the “Santimpalo”, the stonechat, a small bird which is typical of the area. The stonechat supposedly perches on the tallest branches and watches humans while they work. As this little bird only lives in pristine natural areas, it is the perfect “testimonial” for the winery because it is an enterprising – and demanding – ‘sentry’ that watches over the quality of the environment and a respect of its delicate balances. The stonechat is the character that appears on the different labels of the line. Like an evolving story, it is never in one place, but is portrayed perching on different types of vegetation.

"The most gracious interpreter of the land of Gavi"