Lancia – Fiat-house historian mark – had revided its image to meet the changes over the years. The new logo aims at synthesizing the mission of an Italian company that for a century has built cars that are stylistically captivating and mechanically innovative, real icons that continue to astound in their design, elegance, and personality.



The greatest innovation can be seen in the steering wheel, which becomes part of the graphics, and the four spokes, synthesized into two points that assume a functional role. This focuses the eye on the Lancia logo, slightly retouched for greater readability but graphically still connected to the 1911 trademark.  This symbol represents continuity with change, a sign of the past revisited in a contemporary vein that effectively expresses a brand aimed toward the challenges of the future but, at the same time, proud of its historic identity.

"A new corporate logo for the challenges of the future"