Larte is a concept by Fondazione Altagamma, an alliance among Italian firms of excellence united to promote the best of Italian food and wine, arts, design and fashion in a high-level, contemporary context, an expression of culture and lifestyle.

The challenge was to generate an identity that had great expressive impact per se and, at the same time, could bring to the fore the major brands under its umbrella, speak through them and, on each occasion, focus attention on them in new and different ways. The brand is sculpture, a meta-space which invites us to see “through” it: an inclusive brand which gives prominence to its participants and hosts their special moments. Both content and container. A stage for the most prestigious Made in Italy brands to be continuously discovered and rediscovered anew. It is always the same yet different every time. Dynamically, it exists on a shopping bag that folds up like an origami, without glue or inks; on a carton that gives a glimpse of the bottle inside; on a menu that “hides” a photo, a picture, a print, a fabric. In this way, ordinary things (boxes, shopping bags, menus) become unique, pure design, an event, a discovery, a LARTE experience.

"Unveil the Italian excellences"