A leading brand in the mineral water market with an excellent perceived quality among consumers, Levissima seeks to reassert its position among an audience who considers water mainly as a commodity within a market that is increasingly crowded with local players and with well-established private labels.

The restyling starts with the brand’s founding values: the purity of high-altitude sources, unspoilt nature, the regenerating power of the glaciers, and highlights them by using an icy white, a novel colour code for this category which makes the brand more distinctive. The logo stands out against an area of total silence, imbuing the brand with greater prestige. The logochart regains possession of its originality, starting with its time-honoured font, but creating a new balance. A more modern typographic style re-establishes harmonious proportions between the letters and their weight/volume. The green tab is made bigger and more characteristic, in keeping with the L and A which contain the brand. The green shifts towards darker, less commonly exploited shades, giving it greater depth and elegance.

The introduction into the range of a new ecological proposal, gives life to a sub-brand in which the strongest brand equity elements of the basic line were protected (the logo chart, the mountain, optical white), while, to introduce the theme of sustainable innovation, a special alphabet was created, inspired by symbols from the world of ecology, which were re-elaborated within creative compositions referring to nature.

As far as the food-service channel is concerned, a special glass bottle was designed specifically for the fine dining sector. By redefining a distinctive image, this bottle succeeds in conveying and reasserting Levissima’s positioning with even greater clarity.

"The glacial white of purity"