Bistro by Mastercard

Mastercard, Roma Aeroports (AdR) and MyChef are pleased to present Bistro by Mastercard, a new priceless experience for international travellers. The first cashless restaurant aimed to combine traditional Roman cuisine and Mastercard customers in a dynamic and crowded location like Rome’s airport. Bistro by Mastercard was created to turn flight waiting times into a unique experience and reiterate the brand’s focus on technological innovation and new purchasing experiences.

The project features two main sections: the restaurant for longer waits and the premium take-away delicatessen. In both areas, Mastercard offers a pioneering technological experience without having to sacrifice the warmth of a Roman dining experience. All this was branded with discretion, in a sober and elegant way that mastercard premium customers are used to.


All the elements were designed to create a total experience, in regards to both the brand and the cuisine. The menu, dishes, digital communication, packaging and take-away service encourage customers to share the restaurant’s philosophy.

The main seating area is arranged in a cluster in the middle of the space. The round shape of the tables and benches allow the inclusion of an umbrella-shaped illuminated ceiling that becomes an iconic feature of this area. In order to make it lighter but still visible from a distance, an LED-backlit fabric was used, which allows us to dim the light depending on the time of day. The shape of the structure recalls the brand’s logo. Considering the characteristics of the travellers who pass through, the benches were designed to store hand luggage and allow users to move freely around the space. Technology is of fundamental importance because it is involved in every process and accompanies customers throughout their stay: from the moment they walk in and are greeted by a welcome screen and platform, to the touch-screen table for ordering food. Even the payment of the bill is contactless, in line with the brand ethos, and can be done at the table without using the usual mobile POS terminal.