Mila is a dairy co-operative based in Alto Adige. It gathers 3,500 small producers under its umbrella; together, they form a significant business enterprise. The Company is an excellent representative of the culture of its local region and is closely involved in its protection: the unspoilt landscape of alpine cowherd’s huts and farms, the harmony between the countryside and the over-3000 farmers who live there and consider their work a mission rather than a job. Within a competitive scenario in which Alto Adige-ness was already used by other companies through self-referential advertising, Mila adopts an approach focused on conveying in a unique, proprietary way the company’s belonging to its local region. Mila was turned into a leader by defining a new brand grammar.

Through a fascinating positioning focalisation project, the Auteur Milk concept was developed for Mila and formed the basis for the whole project. The company’s distinctive, characteristic values formed the core of its new brand story: a true story of real people who work with passion and dedication, day after day, to make unique products which are the fruit of a culture inseparably tied to its land of origin. The Alto Adige tradition, the farming craft and experience are the secrets of Mila’s wholesomeness and goodness. They underpin the brand claim.

An unusual expressive language created unique brand storytelling, making Mila products instantly recognisable even when the trademark cannot be seen. This innovative advertising concept centres on people and their mission for quality. It can be used consistently and flexibly for each product type, while maintaining that product’s specific character, and can be employed very effectively for different touch points, substrates and marketing tools.

"The Auteur Milk. Made by real farmers"