A historic company founded in 1945 by Angelo Molinari and today market leader in the sweet liqueurs sector, Molinari presents the new bottle of its flagship product, Molinari Extra, to the market. The objective is to showcase, through the bottle, 70 years of history, conveying the high quality of the product in a transparent, clear, authentic manner.




The bottle’s shoulders become softer to underscore the enveloping, round, intense flavour. The lines are more sinuous and feminine, the glass is embellished with the raised signature. The smaller and more elegant label was designed to balance the historical and the modern, and guarantees immediate recognisability. All the essential graphic details are preserved, but enhanced and carefully calibrated to give greater visibility to the Molinari brand. In addition, a new stylised logo appears that depicts the letters SM, certified by the founder’s signature confirming title to the brand, which in fact replace the famous “S” of sambuca.