A digital challenge, a physical event.
This year, as ever, Moncler, a leading brand in metropolitan outdoor wear, launched a digital challenge amongst its employees, wherever they are in the world, a challenge designed to bring worldwide teams together as they imagine the brand’s future. To mark the occasion, a web app was developed that evolves and updates itself as the various stages of the challenge take place, following participants as they complete each step of the Hackathon, right up to the day of the event itself.

The project included the planning, development and design of a mobile-first web app with Custom CMS that permits fast and intuitive front-end updating in response to the rapid succession of phases and the need to constantly update the challenge’s functions: REGISTER / CREATE A PROFILE / PICK YOUR TEAM / CHOOSE A TOPIC / NEWS / UPLOAD YOUR PROJECT / VOTE… up until the day of the event.


What’s more, the platform was linked to a Corporate Social Responsibility project. Every minute spent on the platform by each user committed Moncler to make a donation to the reforestation scheme in the Veneto-Trentino regions hit by extreme weather events. Using AUGMENTED REALITY, the web app allowed users to observe the direct link between user time spent on the platform and the growth of a new tree: from seed to flourishing plant.

The web app’s visual identity, specially developed for digital Hackathons and perfectly in keeping with Moncler guidelines, was then taken up and extended to the event’s look and applied to all communication and promotional materials.

"Internal Digital Challenge"