Far more than a trusted brand, Mulino Bianco is a friend of the family that expresses a recognizable universe of values. The project allowed the brand to move another step forward in terms of image by restoring order to the diverse product range subject to restyling.

Present in the homes and on the tables of Italians for years, Mulino Bianco interprets an image that is intimately tied to the culture – dietary and more – of the country. It offers stories that are close to people, with a poetic component that is extremely appealing and credible.
The project drew on the rich heritage of Brand meanings and marks to restore freshness to a poetic palette that was still compelling and a vision that was still extremely relevant: the new Mulino Bianco family, giving life to marvelous little stories set in Mulino Valley. The result was a very complex evolution in terms of design system, making the brand and its products hard to imitate.

“The display shelf becomes the setting for a story that has never been read before”