An “Italian Street Market” in the heart of Milan’s Malpensa airport. RobilantAssociati created a completely innovative refreshment area run by MyChef, in collaboration with three brands that represent the excellence of Italian food: Barilla, Ferrarini, and Mutti.

| The goal was to create a multifunctional space that could meet the needs of modern international travelers, who should feel immersed in a market square full of sounds and smells.

The large sign, “Welcome to the Italian Kitchen,” greets those who enter an enormous open kitchen where the food preparation setting becomes entertainment. A large room with the two different souls of Italian hospitality. On the left, a restaurant with table service for those who have long waiting times. On the other side is the Chef-Market, a roomy area with the atmosphere of a farmers’ market and a menu of fast, informal food. Completing the offer is a Chef-Bar, built as if it were on the outside, to give breathing space to the airport.

Different spaces and seating areas provide different waiting options to meet the most diverse needs of travelers, who will find something new every time, whether they’re traveling alone on business or with the family for pleasure.

"Un ultimo scorcio di italianità prima del volo."