Not just a geographical area – which gives every hotel in the Group a very distinctive aura – but Mediterranean in the sense of a special propensity to celebrate time, and thus a certain type of hospitality, in harmony with nature and the landscape.

This is the concept that guided the definition of Mytha’s corporate identity and house style. The Group, which owns a portfolio of hotels in some of the most evocative areas of the Mediterranean, needed a visual identity that could transform its name into an authoritative mark of luxury hotels, a guarantee of quality for each individual structure.

The project worked on two levels. Group identity: white, quiet, refined, inspired by the landscapes and waves of the Mediterranean, an expression of calm and purity. The identity of the structures was instead entrusted to different patterns created ad hoc. A combination that creates richness and achieves a unique result for each hotel, while maintaining the family feeling.

"Hotel luxury is made of sensations. It touches on the ability to most clearly interpret the spirit of the place."