The aim of the project was to improve the brand’s visibility and increase its on-shelf recognisability. Furthermore, the range is very varied, thus requiring an architecture revamp in order to make it easier for consumers to find their way among the different ranges and, at the same time, to boost family feeling.


To give greater force to the brand, highlight each range’s claim and emphasise the benefits of specific products: this was the Nature’s challenge. The new expressive alphabet turns every contact with the products into an opportunity for brand image building. The leaf motif used on all the ranges is the main element used to convey the idea of Nature as an efficient, active element. A hierarchic order of on-pack information was introduced to guide consumers when choosing among the many different products. The trademark is the main feature throughout the range. This is followed by the range name with its specific properties and the product benefits are highlighted.The various product lines were handled in different ways. On-shelf, the Nature’s product range stands out with greater impact and recognisability: the brand claim is declared in a more incisive, easily understood way; the products are arranged more logically and tidily and their proprietary expressive alphabet sets them apart compared to the other players in this category.

The trademark leaf was used as an iconic, variable element to create texture or abstract representation evocative of the natural elements used in the products. This resulted in a number of unique product presentations.

“Nature leads the way in health food shops“