Six sports disciplines and six training programmes designed to be followed over the course of two terms, under the guidance of selected ambassadors; a final event where the teams, each representing a school, compete against each other: this was the social action campaign developed by Nike and sponsored by Milan’s city council in order to encourage sport amongst adolescent school pupils.

The creative concept hinges on the association between six sports and six animals that symbolically represent their strengths: a horse representing endurance when running, a wolf representing team spirit in football, a hawk representing precision in volleyball, etc.

The project included: the Nike x Schl programme logo, which harks back to the cross on Milan city council’s coat of arms; the Be the Be(a)st headline and logo;
the logos representing the six sports and their visual style, adapted to suit the various touchpoints: uniforms, emblems, playing fields, freebies and digital contributions.

The programme was designed to encourage young people to train their athletic abilities (Be the best), inspired by the animals that boast those skills (Be the beast). Once sporting activities were over, the programme continued on the NTC (Nike Training Club) dedicated app, where exercises could be downloaded and content specially devised for the programme could be accessed, starting with the project’s identity.

"Be the be(a)st"