Numeri Primi

Numeri Primi (“Prime Numbers”) is a new Mondadori Group publishing venture for the paperback segment. The series consists of bestsellers which are relaunched on the market, less than a year after first being published, in an edition that is intermediate between new-release and paperback editions.  The purpose was to define a visual identity which would convey these books’ positioning: an accessible luxury never cheap, never snob. The books’ price positioning is lower than that of new releases but they are of better quality than a paperback. This increases their perceived value and makes them suitable as gift ideas, too.

The new brand unites books from the group’s various publishing houses – Mondadori, Einaudi, Piemme, Sperling – under its umbrella while respecting their original identity. The study defined a high-end brand in an economic segment. The logo is vertical, a typographic number one in black and white accompanied by the typical little circle which distinguishes cardinal numbers, picked out in red. Included on the front cover, this logo does not take anything away from the book’s original identity and blends in with the trademarks of the group’s various publishing houses.


Its versatility means it can play with some of the book’s particularly recognisable graphic elements and it can be easily used on various kinds of freebies or merchandising. A flexible graphic logo with deep colours and well-defined shapes which can be easily used on and for other media. A clear, easily-remembered, evocative naming, an identity which enables it to be easily recognised in a very crowded market.

"A new editorial concept: high-end and economic"