Clear brand positioning and a new corporate identity make Oropress, an Italian company working in the field of hot stamping materials, a major player in the global market. The key image for this new identity is the circle, the alchemical symbol of gold, perennial, immutable, constant, like the sun and divine power: starting from the circle as an idea of perfection and harmony to allude not just to the precious metal, but also to the energy of thought.



Oropress’ identity is based on a new “brand manifesto” summarised in the tagline “brilliant solutions”, which applies to the various aspects of the work. Brilliant are the people who make up the company, because they are able to recognise problems and solve them. Brilliant is the service, always different and customisable according to the need. Brilliant, finally, is the product, which gives a concrete form to the customer’s creative vision.

"Brilliant is a way of being"