Pizzoli is a highly traditional Italian brand with great experience in potato selection and processing. Best known for the success of its PataSnella range, the company wanted to capitalise on its brand value, update the image of its deep-frozen range and introduce new products.

After first rationalising the firm’s distinctive values, a proprietary, flexible brand language is created that will refocus on Pizzoli’s inventiveness, imbuing it with a more emotive, empathetic trait compared to the past. A guiding concept, “Fun is a great invention”, is established. From “The potato specialist” the pay off becomes “A pleasure with its roots in our land”. The whole deep-frozen range (Linea Classica and Linea Patasnella) is restyled with the aim of placing greater emphasis on the Brand. The logo becomes a major element of both lines and is brought up to date; reference is made to elements of the past such as the two characteristic “Z”s which are reinterpreted as a strongly compensatory trait. The product is the main feature and is combined with different, creative illustrations, which are rather more understated on the Patasnella line packs that use the various colours of the pack’s top band to help consumers choose among the range.

The light-heartedness generally associated with eating French fries – which are, in themselves, a fun, companionable food that everyone likes – becomes the central theme that the brand adopts and transfers onto all packs.

Fun is a great invention