Poppy is nothing short of an icon when it comes to popcorn and is found in practically every supermarket in southern Italy. Its packaging is unashamedly vintage in style, featuring a familiar face on the front of the packet that consumers instantly recognise. This project aims to create a brand that uses signature visual codes whilst preserving the intrinsic ‘pop’ nature of the product, with the aim of making a greater impact on supermarket shelves.

The main character’s illustrational style, descriptive in the past, has evolved towards a stronger iconic feel, thanks to a more stylised, evocative appearance that draws on our associations with popcorn (such as drive-ins, entertainment and the 1960s). Even the logo and typeface have been refreshed in order to communicate brand values and consumption suggestions (fun) more effectively. The colour palette inherited from the original packaging has been made brighter and livelier.

The back of the packaging has also been given greater importance, with plenty of space dedicated to highlighting the product’s main features: the ingredients (Italian-grown corn) and the preparation method (in a frying pan).

An organic version of Poppy popcorn is being launched at the same time, sold in a bag format. The background colour suggests the natural look of the product, while the orange top harks back to the colours of the original packaging. The main character still plays a leading role – he has simply been placed inside a window that allows consumers to glimpse the product inside

"Poppy, the iconic pop corn"