Historical brand with an amazing heritage. Proraso’s huge success is tied to its strong values of Italianity, professionalism and tradition that have distinguished it throughout its existence. This true classic has decided to renew its image in order to stay appealing and relevant on international markets.


In an area in which promises to men customers are increasingly based on performance, efficiency, and technology, Proraso focuses on its expertise and presents itself to the market as: “The Shaving Professional”. Thanks to its wide range of products designed to satisfy any specific need, Proraso reaffirms itself as a brand that takes care of each man and turns shaving into a pleasant personal care ritual left to experts.

The new visual identity gives a contemporary twist to its most historical brand equity elements – the recovered font, a new shade of the traditional green, and the shape of the box enclosing the logo – and mixes them with new elements such as stripes, inspired by historic red and blue striped barber poles, and the lion, that expresses the power of the company. The new brand language emerges from the crowded shelves with the strength and personality of a timeless classic and it simultaneously simplifies browsing within the range. The new PRORASO is composed of different product lines according to different channels and customer needs. This has led to the restyling and completion of the Green and Red lines, and an expansion of the Blue and White lines.



The project not only focuses on a stylistic update, but also concentrates on a general strengthening of the brand equity through its presence in the mass merchandising sector and also in the classic professional channel of barbers, for whom it is considered a special dedicated line.

"The shaving professional"