For over 50 years Ringo has been the undisputed leader in snacks for kids and adults. A brand with a big sentimental following and a biscuit that’s as simple as it is iconic and tasty.

The re-launch of Ringo redefines a new starring role for the brand and the product. Both elements become fundamental parts of the language. The logo is transformed into a three-dimensional “story”, capable of adorning the spaces and driving recognisability.

The product goes beyond the still-life, suggesting a liveliness that highlights the visual and organoleptic characteristics of the product.


There were just two rules to follow in the development of the packaging: a brand that “scrolls vertically” and a product with a structure that “rotates horizontally”. The packaging design transforms them from constraints into opportunities, revealing excellent performance across different formats.

The new brand identity system also lends itself well to line-extensions such as Ringo Thin: the same biscuit, but thinner and even crunchier. The pack is full-colour, iconic; the product characteristics play a key role on the front of the pack. The crunchiness is conveyed by the breaking of the biscuit and, where this is missing, it’s the double band that snaps. The image is modern, colourful and vibrant.

"3 flavours, 2 faces, 1 singular biscuit"