Rivolta Carmignani

Rivolta Carmignani has been supplying fine household linen from its premises in Macherio, Italy for over 150 years. The quality of the fabric and the company’s tailoring expertise have made it a world leader in the premium restaurant and hotel industry since the late-1800s. The company’s aim was to return to consumers’ homes, thanks to the savoir faire that most of its competitors have now lost, and thanks to products of timeless sophistication. The project was inspired by a desire to reveal an authentic, authoritative, time-honoured history of which the general public is unaware. The chance to turn its incredible know-how in the luxury hotel business – with all the positive associations that go with it: dreams, travel, etc. – into a distinctive and desirable factor in the long term was the main strategic goal that provided the brand with a unique, three-dimensional profile


Like a coat of arms, the new logo, the brand’s harbinger, combines two key elements of the company’s long-standing identity: the Rivolta family (represented by the historical symbol of the lion regardant, or rivoltato), which has owned the company for six generations, and tailoring expertise, represented by the needle. The presentation of this craft, particularly important given that we’re dealing with an industry that has not yet been properly promoted, was further emphasised using a specially devised tagline – ‘tailormade linens since 1867’ – which appeared alongside the logo when it first appeared.


As the Rivolta Carmignani brand’s first presentation to the general public, the Esselunga packaging introduces another of the brand’s key values: a focus on sustainability. The boxes are made out of a combination of FSC-certified card and corrugated paper, materials that meet manufacturing process requirements. The packaging’s delicate hues and the simplicity of the information on the front communicate the high quality of the tailored linens inside. Special paper packaging features, like the hinged opening and a made-to-measure window, draw attention to the product’s sophisticated decorative touches. Last but not least, the possibility of stocking the boxes on their sides helps maximise shelf facing.


The classic nobility of the logo is reflected by the product’s essential, superior look and feel, where the precision of thin parallel threads – which combine to create even the most complex decorations – provides a touch of extraordinary modernity. The timelessly suave powder-grey background is enhanced by the flashes of gold created by woven threads, an echo of the ceaseless, miniscule movement of men and machines.


Two complementary photographic styles were developed for two different categories of images: brand-driven pictures, icons created to last over time; and product pictures that change with each collection. The brand-driven photos – taken by Stefania Giorgi under RobilantAssociati’s art direction – encapsulate the dream of an exclusive voyage, bringing together all its most memorable moments: the chance to admire charming locations (whilst looking out of impressive panoramic windows) and enjoy the intimate comfort provided by fine linens and a warm welcome, perfect down to the smallest detail. Adventurousness and indulgence, travel and ritual are therefore the facets that contribute to the charm of Rivolta Carmignani products, facets that are now within reach of everyday homes. Product photos reveal an unparalleled cleanliness compared to the industry standard: details and objects associated with this environment are reduced to the bare minimum in order to place the product at centre stage. RobilantAssociati designed the permanent photographic studio set up in the factory, and took the first photographs.


The warmth and emotive charge associated with the product are communicated using a specially designed collection of illustrations, drafted with the aim of perfectly matching the photographs. Produced using a highly crafted technique by well-known illustrator Elisa Talentino, the illustrations reflect the brand’s more poetic, intimate side.


Rivolta Carmignani’s first-ever home catalogue encapsulates the essence of the brand. The noble origins of a company that leads the luxury hotel linen market are proclaimed and promoted right from the cover. Inside, its historical origins are narrated, along with the product’s new horizons and aims. Last but not least, the catalogue presents the three important living spaces (bedroom, dining room and bathroom) for which these products have been designed, representing them using items from past collections as well as the new home collection: an exclusive voyage exploring a world that is both rich and meticulous, poetic yet highly technical, where the product and its relationship with people are the main characters of the narrative.


The new website is perfectly consistent with the new brand positioning, identity and tone of voice. A lavish narrative section suitably highlights the company’s impressive history, focusing on the tailored quality of the product, the manufacturing excellence and the exclusivity of projects and services, thus fostering the awareness of a brand with a distinguished past that is, however, unfamiliar to the general public. The creation of a holistic storytelling approach integrates and harmonises the company’s two sides (Home and Hospitality) with a narrative specially designed for its two audiences: B2B and B2C. Alongside the editorial section, there’s the modernity and accessibility offered by the e-shop that, thanks to its formal, streamlined design, makes the most of the products and their features and makes the process of navigating, selecting and buying a pleasant experience for users… as if they were standing in a real Rivolta Carmignani boutique.


The video is a ‘textile fairy tale’, where the moment we awake is the continuation of a dream that has lasted over 150 years. It is a poetic, stirring tale that opens with the unforgettable experience of waking up in a magnificent hotel, wrapped in the luxury of quality linen and surrounded by perfection, down to the last detail. Pleasure that was created in an equally amazing place that weaves together art and technique, family history and individual talent, the unceasing dance of looms and the gentle touch of hands. Pleasure that, as if by magic, becomes a part of everyday life, imbuing our homes with the comfort and charm of a luxury voyage.

"A textile fairy tale"