Leader in outdoor design Made in Italy, RODA invests in strengthening its online presence and increasing its visibility to new targets, both B2B and B2C. An investment and media planning strategy has been developed with the company, articulated across different channels and touchpoints, with the aim of building brand memorability, increasing product visibility and offering new opportunities for engaging with users, generating new target leads.

The campaign focused on Instagram and Facebook used holistic storytelling to promote the brand and its products, generating engagement with potential consumers and interest in professional targets. The campaigns led to the attainment of several strategic goals: from brand awareness to the creation (and loyalty) of a highly profiled user base in the world of design and outdoor furniture.


Google Ads¬†was one of the most effective tools for RODA, allowing the positioning of the Brand’s ads among the top search results. The creation of Google Ads made it possible to intercept targets who had actively searched for information or products related to the world of RODA, using specific keywords linked precisely to the users’ search queries.

The ad writers worked to promote immediate awareness and understanding of what the brand offers. Search campaigns were integrated with Display communication, to strengthen brand awareness using pictures and animated banners, which intercepted audiences with similar interests.


In producing the stories for the Instagram campaigns the focus was placed on creating a proprietary language consistent with this communication format, aimed at making the message both engaging and immediate for the user. The animations in the stories promoted the product using chromatic elements to highlight the unique characteristics of the brand in the few seconds typical of the specific format.


Creating a double link between the digital advertising campaigns and the RODA website was fundamental to make the user journey coherent both graphically and in terms of usability, in order to make the experience pleasant while focusing on conversion goals. We worked on the user experience on the website, developing a dedicated landing page to promote the new RODA 2020 catalogue. The advertising strategy on Instagram and Facebook allowed users to land directly on the RODA page created for the event, ensuring the utmost consistency between ads and website.