Tavernello has always been a pioneer and trailblazer in its category. It was the first to bring explosive innovation to a sector, that of table wine, among the most conservative and anchored in tradition. The project aims to consolidate this supremacy, to celebrate this attitude, through the creation of an iconic, contemporary, pop visual language, which once again establishes authenticity, genuineness, and empathy that have always characterized Tavernello, distancing it from the numerous me-toos and setting the pace for the category.


Starting with the restyling of the pack, we conceived a dynamic and flexible visual language that laid the foundations for the communication activities – from adv to social media. The aim of the rebranding is a paradigm shift, working on requalifying the way the brand is perceived: from general product synonymous with the category to leading brand, from convenience choice to icon.

The design breaks away from established and widely imitated styles, starting with the evolution of the image of the glass, which is transformed from photographic to graphic and symbolic. A proprietary sign that conveys modernity and distinctiveness and which, as it comes alive, becomes an element of visual grammar. The logo is reduced and refined, occupying the white space inside the glass, which frames it and makes it the protagonist. At the same time, it maintains the characteristic verticality that enhances the shape of the carton to build a memorable proprietary gestalt. Solid colors and bright contrasts express contemporaneity and generate an extraordinary visual impact, both on the screen and on the shelf.

"Iconic, pioneer, pop"