The Living Circle

| Becoming a “big name” and interpreting the promise of a certain kind of travel experience: this is the challenge of international hotel groups, torn by the need for an institutional identity and the importance of describing the unique features of each hotel.

“The Living Circle” project for the IHAG Group was guided by a concept of “lyrical hospitality”: the many properties, all different from each other, are linked by a manner of hospitality that integrates nature, art, and poetry. The Group’s Corporate Identity embraces the identity of the individual hotels in a refined combination of an exterior in brown, the institutional color, and interior in a brighter color that draws on the characteristics of the individual properties: blue for Storchen near the river, orange for Castello Sole, and green for the “Terreni alla Maggia” property.

To highlight the unique poetics of each experience, a special visual language was created that made use of both photography and pictorial art. Along with the photos, the artistic illustrations, done by six internationally famous illustrators, become a dreamlike way of describing and representing the individual properties.

The perfect balance between the individuality of each structure and the identity they all have in common.