Tom - Montana Wines

Appreciated over the world for white wines such as the renowned Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand had a poor reputation as a producer of high quality red wines until some time ago. With the objective of offering the international market proof of excellence in this segment, Montana Wines has introduced Tom, a great Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot barrique-aged over three years and produced in a limited edition. The challenge was to create the ideal packaging for a wine destined to become the archetype of New Zealand red wine. Serious and elegant, the bottle is almost naked with the exception of the name Tom, transformed into a tattooed Maori symbol in the center, and a “hand signed” trademark toward the bottom. This original packaging reflects the characteristics of New Zealand art and culture, attentive to innovation, integrity, and skilled craftsmanship.


"Maori Myths tell the story of a wine"