Uralsib Insurance relaunches its brand and repositions itself, expanding its offer with a series of new proposals to support people and their projects. The work was aimed at changing the common perception of the Uralsib brand in public experience: from a traditional-type insurance company to a company that allows customers to live their lives to the fullest by helping them carry out their projects. The archetype is a big brother who takes care of his little brother in a friendly way.

In order to safeguard ties with the Group, brand identity was not modified, but a mark dedicated to communication activities was developed. This was a dynamic reinterpretation that conveys the message of a change in attitude and in what is offered to its target. The elements that constitute it become animated, generating a heart, accompanied by the payoff “Live your life to the fullest,” the point of departure for a new brand language in both visual terms and tone of voice.

"A big brother who helps you carry out your projects."