Caseificio Valcolatte

The story of Valcolatte began with Enzo Panizzi’s wish to start a dairy business in the province of Cremona. Strengthened by their experience supplying food service professionals, by a family tradition that stretches far back into the past and by a superior quality product, the company decided to enter the consumer products market to bring their products directly to Italian tables. Thus was born a new major multiples brand that draws on the language of creameries for its imagery: an authentic and genuine look that focuses on the foundation date and the name of the founder, celebrating Italian know-how, long-standing family tradition and simple and good products.

Shying away from the brand extension logic typical of this market, an ad hoc identity was designed for “Riccotta”, rich and delicious ricotta typical of the Piacenza tradition. The product is the hero and self-standing, without losing its affinity with the mother brand. The visual identity is aimed at emphasising its organoleptic characteristics beginning with the name “Riccotta” and at giving importance and relevance to the product on the shelf.


"A new brand for the mass market"