After the extraordinary success of the “C’è torta per te” Facebook page – which allowed the well-known brand of solid condiments to create a large, lively and active community around the world of people who prepare cakes with Vallé – the brand felt the need to “reappropriate” this space in terms of presence and visibility, without imposing itself but preserving the enthusiastic and spontaneous involvement of users.

The project saw the definition of a digital and social strategy aimed at guiding the company along this delicate path: from the new visual identity that strengthened the brand, while respecting the social and friendly nature of the “C’è torta per te” page, to the dedicated editorial plan, which mediates between original content proposed by Vallé and user-generated content, to finally arrive at the creation a social toolkit, a collection of graphic formats that communicate the brand’s messages guaranteeing constantly updated content.

A narrative strategy that has enhanced the brand’s key messages and prepared the ground for future developments. A graphic lexicon that is fresh and consistent with the nature of the brand, which has added value and recognizability to the brand’s content.

Thanks to an appropriate investment strategy, the page’s performance has returned to growth, with significant results in fanbase-increasing and level of user engagement.

"Vallé is...the perfect recipe for staying together"