Yomo’s 100% natural promise has always been its hallmark. With the market’s rapid evolution, the increase in the number of players and the changes that have come about in this sector’s language, the brand has been driven to review its brand communication, improving the consistency between the way the brand has come to be perceived over time and the natural quality of its products and fine-tuning the way its range of products is organised.

The first step towards this modernisation process was to ‘free’ the YOMO logo from the white oval lozenge that contained it. The old brand was turned inside out, spreading Yomo’s signature red colour to cover the packaging’s background entirely, creating an unprecedented visual impact on supermarket shelves. The new white logo stands out in the middle of the pack.

Nevertheless, the real design challenge was to increase the consumer’s perception of natural goodness and flavour. Both the photo shoot and the product visual selection phase were central to the plan. The aim: to zoom in on the ingredients shown in all their delicious wholesomeness in an appealing close-up at the centre of the packaging.

The most fundamental aspect of the plan was to reorganise the brand’s product range in a way that would make room for new flavours and new product lines. The brand portfolio now includes Naturalmente Yomo, Naturalmente Yomo Zero GrassiGolosamente Yomo and the brand-new Yomo Bistrato range.

The Naturalmente Yomo Zero Grassi range stands out thanks to the way the brand colours have been reversed. The red has been replaced by a white background that, apart from being one of the brand’s distinctive colours, suggests freshness, wholesomeness and lightness, especially with the new materials used. The visual system nevertheless still takes advantage of the appealing signature red strip in the middle of the pack that, when lined up on a shelf, makes a high-impact, highly recognisable impression, extending Yomo’s red ‘island’.

The new Yomo Bistrato range is in keeping with the new brand identity. Once again, the ingredients are the focus of the narrative. However, in this particular case, the identity makes the most of the transparent glass jar, allowing the product to speak for itself and increasing its desirability and appetite appeal.

Particular care has been taken over the back of the packaging and aspects such as brand wording and copywriting. A stylised image of the pot creates a space that can be used, as and when, as a brand manifesto, a storytelling corner or as a dialogue box for communicating with consumers.

"Simple. Natural. Delicious."