Zanotta catalogo

An international icon of Italian design, and the expression of an entrepreneurial skill able to evolve and become an integral part of our Country’s cultural history. Zanotta has chosen Robilant Associati to adopt a new communication style that may provide a contemporary and captivating take on the eccentric and vanguardist eclecticism that has always distinguished the brand and led to the creation of true, timeless icons of furniture.

The aim of our operation has therefore been to give prominence to such heritage, not only to protect it but to leverage it, by tracing the Brand’s evolution scenario starting with a new definition of the Zanotta communication and narrative”.  The certificate of the brand’s new direction is Zanotta’s new trade catalogue, the diary of a multifaceted and modern journey in 12 stages, which becomes the brand’s storytelling tool, as well as a vehicle to communicate its core values.

The catalogue concept, “Z: is now”, reflects the brand philosophy by presenting a sequence of images set up spontaneously and without excessive fabrication, in the homes of people performing everyday actions. A true account of “everyday living” by means of 12 episodes featuring real-life characters, with their own stories, lives, and passions. Snapshots of everyday life, alternating with the Zanotta products, which have always been indivisible parts of the living experience.

Culture, relationships, and daily life – interpreted by means of a dynamic and multifaceted approach – become the founding values of Zanotta’s new positioning, which the catalogue is the quintessential expression of. The photographic style reflects such narration and represents the concept of snapshot: in the photographs – taken at twelve royal palaces – the people become the central elements, in a form of reportage of everyday life and of the authentic and personal relationship with the objects inhabiting our homes. The entire catalogue is studded with a series of hand-written notes, which strengthen the idea of “object-person” connection. Just like the contents, even the choice of paper – glossy for the snapshots and matte for the product sections – has been chosen to give the catalogue an enthralling and dynamic tempo.

The result is a kaleidoscope of materials, shapes, innovative solutions, furniture and accessories able to create pleasant relationships: products with a soul, that become part of the narration and story of people, thus finding their ideal space.

"Much more than just a catalogue:
a new concept of living, a new grammar for design"