Zardetto Website

The last piece in an extensive Branding project, which begins with the definition of a new strategic positioning and develops with the creation of the new Brand Visual Identity, packaging design, Corporate Video and Digital Brand Guidelines destined to the trade, through to the design of the booth for Vinitaly. In line with positioning as a Game Changer, the new Zardetto website offers a memorable and engaging user experience which, while adequately telling the story of the new brand and its products, never sacrifices emotional impact and involvement.

This is the direction we have taken with the design of the website’s homepage, geared entirely towards fully engaging the user in an immersive, experience-driven activity thanks to a playful unveiling of the contents. Parallaxes and animations make the storytelling intriguing, modern and always surprising.

The Z of Zardetto comes alive on the website, just like it does on the labels, opening up like a window onto different worlds and themes. The presentation of the products in 3D renderings perfectly combines with advanced development techniques that translate into the possibility for the user to interact with the bottle, playing with the original label and revealing the artistic canvas hidden under the unmistakable Z with a simple click. The experience is just as engaging on mobile devices: the homepage is viewed vertically, allowing the user to scroll through the story or go back to the beginning like a flip-book.

Message on a bottle.
The experience is not limited to browsing. An ad hoc activation has been devised with the aim of engaging the user and surprising the recipient: exploiting the singularity of the double label, users are invited to send a secret message to a friend. The recipient will discover the message dedicated to them and the identity of the sender, thanks to the animation that lifts the top label to reveal the text hidden on the inside. The initiative was created to promote the product and the launch of the new bottle of Prosecco Rosé Extra Dry.


A special mention goes to the Digital Guidelines, a fully digital Brand Manual designed to support those responsible for the promotion and distribution of Zardetto products throughout the world, especially on the US market.