The Italian prosecco that has conquered the USA has a new brand positioning and a new brand identity. A disruptive and bold image that represents the pioneering attitude and unconventional vision of the Winery. The new range was presented at Vinitaly 2019 together with the video-positioning and the engaging stand.

The first Italian brand to export the fragrant and sparkling nectar from the Conegliano hills to the new world, Zardetto quickly became the prosecco touchstone for the US market. In a marketplace dominated by tradition, it put all its weight behind technological progress. Product specialisation and a focus on innovation allowed them to express their completely unconventional vision of prosecco. A perfect product: Italian in its DNA and origin, contemporary and cosmopolitan in taste. Thus was born a new range that became the pretext for rethinking even the way the Brand presented itself to the market, especially the American one, characterised by very modern visual codes.

Z becomes a brand, a symbol, an icon, a memorable sign of identity. More than the last letter of the alphabet, the beginning of an amazing experience. Black on the outside and sparkling on the inside, the label opens with 4 specially designed works of art: transcriptions on paper of the notes and the organoleptic composition of each product. A mask that gets cast off like at the Venetian festivals. A window that opens onto an exciting journey into the art of fully savouring the typically Italian life.

Painted with unexpected colour, textural textures, instinctive paintings reveal and amplify the full flavour of Prosecco Zardetto, offering a glimpse and a foretaste of a surprising, bewitching drinking experience.

The branding project doesn’t overlook a thing and places great value on the entire identity of this winery, relaunching it with a boost forward. Heritage since 1936, the strength of a true (not presumed) Italian name, the charm of a wine that for centuries was born at the gates of Venice to bring merriment to its mysterious and exclusive parties, as well as the credibility gained on the US market, the ability to anticipate the times, the attitude towards experimentation and innovation always firmly anchored in the best Italian know-how tied to the product. Zardetto breaks the rules, invents new rituals, wears original trappings, always following just one indisputable principle: the authenticity of its product and fidelity to its DNA.

Zardetto’s unconventional attitude is also expressed in the stand designed for Vinitaly 2019. The project breaks the concept of a typical “fair corner” and becomes an art exhibition, a design installation playing once again with the three key elements: the Z you can look through, breaking the boundary between inside and outside; the canvases looping on the special screen-floor, so that the visitors can literally immerse themselves in the art of taste; and finally, the big mirror that amplifies the sense of ​​involvement.

"The game changer"