18 October 2023

Robilant attended the EPDA event in Valencia, an event about Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly spreading, actively engaging various sectors. 
During the recent workshop in Valencia, the participating agencies shared details about the tools used and their intended purposes. 
They also shared their experiences, contributing to a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities associated with this new technology. 
Below, we present our perspective...

When we first started using artificial intelligence, we were amazed by the remarkable results achievable with extremely simple prompts. 
However, when we tried to use it for more specific and detailed purposes, we found that relevant results were rare. This led us to understand that AI can make a greater contribution when used freely, serving as a tool to unleash our imagination and rediscover our ability to think in a truly disruptive way, exploring genuinely innovative approaches to thinking.

This leads us to reflect deeply on the nature of our intelligence, encouraging us to break free from predefined rules and overcome mental and cultural barriers, rekindling our capacity to dream.

To do this, it's essential to be prepared, nurture creativity, and generate valuable ideas. 
This perspective will continue to make a difference, allowing us to transform artificial intelligence into a valuable ally of our, human, intelligence.