Sophisticated and contemporary Beauty

A renewed brand identity and packaging system that showcases the brand's origins, personality and beauty proposals. A project that aims to use its packaging to offer an adequate account of the brand's authority in terms of scientific research and product innovation, its specialisation and its commitment to beauty that respects both consumers and the environment. The brand visually “incorporates Milanas a founding value: not only origin and identity, but also a promise of beauty in keeping with the city's style: refined but never pretentious, always minimalist, authentic, sophisticated and sleek.

For greater impact, the brand appears - as absolute protagonist - against a monochrome background that conveys enhanced visibility and authority. The palette of solid colour backgrounds defines a clear architecture of the proposal and guides the customer through the exploration of the product lines, each with its specific functions and benefits, with a view to highlighting the research and innovation behind each range. This is a clear shift from the generalist “one size fits all” approach to “a specific proposal to suit everyone's individual needs”. In line with the company's commitment on all fronts, the product packaging has also been designed with a view to the sustainable use of resources, reducing the plastics and materials used. While for many make-up items, re-fill formats have been designed and introduced.