Milan’s cathedral,
historically part of the brand,
is redesigned and incorporated
into the brand initial.
An iconic synthesis of the new visual identity.

The brand is solid, immediate and direct.
Confident to the point of becoming an expressive visual brand language resulting from the creative and proud use
of the logotype.

The photographic language celebrates the relationship
with the public and the object, rather than the object itself.
Out of focus, depth, textural surfaces.
Everything conveys moments, not machines.

Faema is positioned in the B2C segment
with Faemina.

An ad hoc expressive language,
with a dedicated colour palette
and a distinctive photographic style.

The 3D video and photoshoot
celebrate the beauty of Faemina.
The emphasis is on the sensory sphere,
enhancing the machine’s design

and scope for customisation.

The brand language comes to life
on the eCommerce website,
which introduces and tells the story
of the two worlds of Faema:
home and professional.